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Video: Edward Snowden meets German MP Hans-Christian Stroebele

Four video clips of Edward Snowden meeting German parliamentarian Hans-Christian Stroebele have just been released by WikiLeaks.

Green Party MP Stroebele is a member of the parliamentary committee that oversees German intelligence. He met Edward Snowden in Moscow on 30 October with an invitation to give testimony about the work of US intelligence agencies in Germany. At the meeting, Edward Snowden signed a letter stating that he would be happy to give evidence to such an enquiry, should circumstances permit.

In response to this news, German lawmakers from several political parties have gone further and called for the country to make Edward Snowden a formal offer of asylum. This week’s issue of Der Spiegel makes the call explictly on its front page.


The revelations made possible by Edward Snowden’s whistleblowing have had a particularly significant impact in Germany. This summer, demonstrations were held in 40 cities across the country against German complicity in NSA programmes.

In the past month, the news that Angela Merkel’s mobile phone had been monitored resulted in the German Chancellor remonstrating personally with Barack Obama, leading Secretary of State John Kerry to acknowledge that the NSA had gone too far in its spying on allies.

This week Germany, along with Brazil, presented a draft resolution to the UN General Assembly condemning exessive surveillance and calling for more effective national oversight.

Watch the videos here:

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