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NSA Washington Mission

This excerpt from a 2006 NSA memo written by the global resources manager of the International Security Issues (ISI) mission underlines the importance of data on energy resources, production and international investment to the agency: see the book No Place To Hide, 13 May 2014.

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Edward Snowden awarded 2014 Berliner Award for Civic Courage

Announced on 5 May 2014, awarded on 22 June 2014

Edward Snowden has been named as the first recipient of the Berliner Prize for Civic Courage, which recognises his “courageous advocacy of democracy and civil rights.” Mr Snowden has said he is “very honoured” to have been chosen for the Prize, which was formally awarded at a public ceremony in Berlin on 22 June 2014, the day after his birthday. Courage Acting Director Sarah Harrison accepted the award on Mr Snowden’s behalf.

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