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How the US tried to render Edward Snowden – with Denmark’s cooperation

Denmark has confirmed that it allowed its airspace to be used for a US government jet, previously implicated in expedition operations, which was intended for Edward Snowden.

The US operation was first revealed in June 2014 when Duncan Campbell wrote that a private Gulfstream jet with tail number N977GA had taken off from an airport near Washington, on an unconventional flight path, on the same evening Edward Snowden arrived in Moscow. On arrival at Sheremetyevo Airport, Snowden found that his passport had been cancelled by the US Government, which resulted in his being forced to stay in the airport for 40 days until he was granted asylum in Russia.

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Tier B allies

This undated internal NSA document illustrates the degrees of cooperation in the agency’s relationships with different foreign powers. “Tier A” and “Tier B” are elsewhere referred to as Second and Third Parties: see the book No Place To Hide, 13 May 2014.

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Edward Snowden: “Big things are happening in Denmark”

Originally published in Berlingske, 5 May 2014

Big things are happening in Denmark.

This week we’ve heard that the Danish weekly Se & Hør paid for access to the highly confidential private records of politicians and celebrities, subjecting the Danish elite to the same suspicionless surveillance ordinary citizens are facing every day from today’s dangerously out-of-control spying services.

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