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Norwegian court declines to guarantee Edward Snowden’s safe travel

Norway’s Bogarting Court of Appeal has dismissed a request from Edward Snowden’s legal team for assurances that the NSA whistleblower wouldn’t be detained and extradited to the United States if he were to travel to Norway. The court decided that it could not rule on the matter because there is no standing extradition request from the United States, affirming the similar decision of a lower court this summer.

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Happy Birthday Edward Snowden!

Sunday 21 June marks Edward Snowden’s 32nd birthday. We’re happy to cohost the tumblr CODEPINK made for Snowden to show our appreciation for the extraordinary sacrifices he made so we would know the truth about government spying.

People around the world have already left a birthday message for Edward Snowden – add yours below!

US Patriot Act’s bulk collection provision expires

Section 215 of the USA Patriot Act, which authorises bulk collection of phone records, has expired as of 1 June 2015, halting for the time being one of the government’s major tools for mass surveillance.

As EFF notes,

Section 215 now—at least temporarily—reverts to its pre-Patriot Act form, which doesn’t permit any collection of financial or communications records, and requires the Government to provide “specific and articulable facts” supporting a reason to believe that the target is an agent of a foreign power.

Last month, a a three-judge panel in New York ruled that Section 215 does not provide the authority for the bulk collection of domestic phone records.

Journalists, activists and even some politicians widely recognise that Section 215 only became controversial, and therefore subject to reform and expiration, thanks to Edward Snowden’s disclosures of NSA records, generating global debate on the government’s power and how to curb it.

Despite the temporary lapse, the US Senate plans to move forward with a vote this week on the USA Freedom Act, which would move collected phone metadata from government control to that of telecoms.

Video: Edward Snowden appears on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

On 5 April 2015, Edward Snowden made a much-publicised appearance on US satirical news programme Last Week Tonight. John Olvier went to Moscow to interview Edward Snowden and confronted him with vox pops conducted in New York, which show a relatively poor awareness of Edward Snowden’s revelations but a keen appreciation of the value of privacy.

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Edward Snowden gives keynotes in Berlin and Washington DC

Over the past week, Edward Snowden has spoken at conferences organised for lawyers and journalists to improve professional understanding of surveillance issues and countermeasures.

On Friday 7 November, Snowden answered questions from Trevor Timm and Chris Soghoian at an event designed to encourage news organisations to improve their digital security. The #EncryptNews conference was organised by the Freedom of the Press Foundation in association with Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press and the Open Technology Institute and held in Washington DC.

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Artists and intellectuals declare their support for Edward Snowden

More than sixty celebrities and thinkers have signed a statement pledging their support for Edward Snowden and encouraging donations to his official defence fund. Signed by Susan Sarandon, Russell Brand, Peter Sarsgaard, M.I.A., Thurston Moore, David Berman, Vivienne Westwood, Alfonso Cuaròn and several other artists and intellectuals, the statement praises the work of Edward Snowden and other whistleblowers, highlighting the need to support these individuals as they face social and legal persecution for their revelations to the public.

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Demand clemency for Edward Snowden!

This petition, started by libertarian politician and former US Congressman Ron Paul calls on the Obama administration “to let Mr. Snowden return home without the fear of persecution or imprisonment.” It has gained over 37,000 signatures in five months.

The revelations have and continue to open our minds to the truth and power of our government. We are being watched and recorded. And we don’t have to do anything wrong; individuals can be falsely attacked to derive suspicion.

Reflecting on Mr. Snowden’s sacrifices — his livelihood, citizenship and freedom — made to provide us with the disturbing scope of the National Security Agency (NSA) mass surveillance and data collection efforts, we at Voices of Liberty want to thank him for being a voice for freedom, liberty and truth.

Read more and sign: Demand Clemency For Edward Snowden!