Courage our network

New CNO Capability Poised to Help Counter IEDs, Geolocate Terrorists

This 10 May 2006 SIDToday post outlines a computer network operations unit called Dragon Team which stages denial of service and geolocation attacks against the high power cordless phone networks then favoured by Iraqi and Afghan insurgents: see the Intercept article 328 NSA Documents Reveal “Vast Network” of Iranian Agents, Details of a Key Intelligence Coup, and a Fervor for Voice-Matching Technology, 15 August 2015.

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HPCP Conference Aids Collaboration

This post from internal NSA newsletter SIDToday dated 13 November 2003 discusses the results of a conference organised by the agency in order to tackle the problems it had monitoring High Powered Cordless Phones – standalone devices unconnected to the cellphone network – that year. In all 500 personnel participated in the conference, drawn from NSA, its Five Eyes partners, contractors and the US military: see the Intercept article Iraqi Insurgents Stymied the NSA and Other Highlights from 263 Internal Agency Reports, 10 August 2016.

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