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An Intern Learns That Customers Do Value SIGINT

In this 26 May 2006 post from the NSA internal newsletter SIDToday, an intelligence analyst intern based in Washington DC describes “hopping on the Metro with concealed lock bags filled with SIGINT” for a variety of “customers” within the US government. The customers her department caters to number more than 50: see the Intercept article The NSA’s Role in a Climate-Changed World: spying on nonprofits, fishing boats, and the North Pole, 15 August 2018.

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NSA Provides Un-‘conventional’ Support

This post from the internal NSA newsletter SIDToday explains how the agency is involved with domestic events – including the Democratic and Republican Conventions – despite its foreign intelligence focus: see the Intercept article NSA kept watch over Democratic and Republican conventions, Snowden documents reveal, 24 April 2017.

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