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GAP’s Jesselyn Radack visits Edward Snowden

Jesselyn Radack, National Security and Human Rights Director of the Government Accountability Project, visited Edward Snowden last week in order to present him with the Sam Adams Award for Integrity in Intelligence, alongside three other whistleblowers. In an article in The Nation, Radack detailed her visit with Snowden, her concerns about travelling and the award he was given.

On meeting with Snowden, Radack writes: “Given the extraordinary circumstances and pressure he’s under, Snowden is doing remarkably well. He’s warm and engaged, greeting us with long embraces. His is well-grounded, centered, and has a quick sense of humor, darkly joking that if he were a spy, Russia treats its spies much better than leaving them trapped in the Sheremetyevo transit zone for over a month. He is brilliant, humble and idealistic – in the best sense of the word.”

She also discusses the importance of his safety and security: “The issue of his security is paramount. Russia granted him asylum and clearly has an interest in protecting its refugee. Attorney-General Eric Holder stated that the United States would not torture him if he returned, hardly a salutary promise. Senator Dianne Feinstein accused him of treason – an act punishable by death. And last week, former NSA and CIA director Michael Hayden and House Intelligence Committee chairman Mike Rogers joked about putting Snowden on the ‘kill list’ for assassination.”

Jesselyn Radack’s full article: My Visit With Edward Snowden