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Edward Snowden speaks to the Council of Europe on improving the protection of whistleblowers

Tuesday 24 June saw Edward Snowden’s second appearance before the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. In April, he spoke to the assembly of Parliamentarians from 47 countries about mass surveillance. The topic of yesterdays’s session was improving protection of whistleblowers; reports on both subjects are being prepared for consideration by the Assembly before the end of the year.

Edward Snowden at the Council of Europe

Video and audio recordings of the session have been made available.

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Courage launches with a message from Edward Snowden

Courage – the organisation that runs Edward Snowden’s official defence fund and this website – held its launch event in Berlin on 11 June 2014.

Edward Snowden sent a message to the event, in which he recognised the importance of “a new and growing level of solidarity among civil liberties groups” in generating momentum against mass surveillance and for the prorection of truthtellers.

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